The Coming Storm 

The media and government lie. A lot. Any person on the dissident right should know this by now. Yet, despite this, I’ve seen a shocking number of people in our circles seemingly ambivalent or even enthusiastic towards the prospect of war with a sovereign state, namely North Korea, a war that is enthusiastically promoted by the Jewish media-government apparatus. The reasons they hold these attitudes are truly puzzling. They seem to believe that the DPRK poses some sort of legitimate threat to the United States, and that they are truly an “irrational rogue state.” This seems strange given that they have seen straight through these narratives in regards to countries like Iran, Syria and Saddam’s Iraq. I can hypothesise as to why this may be so. The DPRK isn’t the Middle East, and our enemy would seem to have no obvious reason to want to remove their government. But we must remember that our enemy isn’t limited to the state of Israel or Zionism in general. In fact, some cursory research will point to very clear reasons why our enemy may want to see the regime of Kim Jong Un gone. 

Now, first off, I should say that I’m not necessarily an admirer of the DPRK or the Kim regime. Although much of what has been said about the state in the controlled media is certainly propaganda, there can be no doubt that it is extremely repressive. However, this gets into what I call “feels based foreign policy.” The notion that, if a nation has policies that go against our enlightened western sensibilities, then we have carte blanche to violate it’s sovereignty. This notion was and is being used to promote war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran, and the DPRK. Now, all of these nations undoubtedly had or have policies that were or are repressive in some way. But of course, this is not an adequate reason for war. A nation has no duty to interfere with a foreign government because said government is “mean” to it’s citizens. Basing foreign policy off mere emotion is foolish and will inevitably lead to disaster. 

Of course, “feels” are not the real reason these wars are taking place, but arguments such as these can dupe a lot of well meaning white people, altruists that we are.

So with that out of the way, what is the real reason the US is seemingly so hell-bent on destroying the government of the DPRK? It certainly isn’t because they are a “rogue state.” The United States has invaded countless nations since the end of the Korean War. The same cannot be said of the DPRK. The US regularly tries to provoke the DPRK by running joint military drills with South Korea. Yes, the DPRK conducts missile and nuke tests. But what do you expect them to do? Just let South Korea and the US attempt to provoke them without a response? One of the unwritten rules of diplomacy is not to project weakness. Members of the dissident right seem to understand this when it comes to Trump’s bombastic threats, but not when it comes to the DPRK’s counter-provocations. 

When it comes to the motives behind wars, things are never as they seem. 

In 2001, the Taliban received worldwide media attention for ending Afghanistan’s Opium trade. The group viewed the practice of Opium harvesting as Un-Islamic, and prior the US invasion of Afghanistan had destroyed upwards of 80% of Afghanistan’s Opium poppy. But things change quickly on the global stage, and when the Taliban were overthrown by US forces, the Opium trade was dramatically restored. In fact, production surged drastically from a production level of 185 tons under the Taliban before the production ban, to 3 400 tons in 2002. This was facilitated by US soldiers actively protecting the Opium poppy fields. 

As of the current year, 90% of the world’s Heroin is produced in Afghanistan. 

What does this have to do with North Korea, you may ask? Well, the DPRK just happens to be a major Opium producer. Most of this Opium is smuggled into China and not affected by US sanctions, and it is thought that Kim Jong Un is using the profits generated to fund his regime.

Really makes you think, doesn’t it? And to return to Afghanistan for a moment, the war there has resulted in the Opioid epidemic, which is currently raging in the United States. Between 2002 and 2013, Heroin use in the United States rose by 63%. Perhaps not coincidentally, America’s white population has been most negatively affected. Makes one wonder about the motives of these foreign wars. Perhaps there is more at play than just the CIA using the Opium trade to finance regime change in Syria and elsewhere. 

To my friends and associates on the dissident right, all I’m asking of you is to look into this situation more critically. Things aren’t always what they appear. 

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