The Times, They Are A-Changin’

In 2017 I’ve become more aware than ever of the media’s ability to manipulate the public mind. It’s apparent that a few individuals at the top work diligently to set public trends, relying on group psychology to get the masses to support their agendas. I have observed this several times in the past few months. Take the what occurred in the aftermath of Richard Spencer’s assault by a communist thug in the aftermath of the Trump inauguration. Every media outlet had some sort of headline related to “punching Nazis”. The “debate” over the question of “is it OK to punch a Nazi?” has long been raging in leftist circles, but the mainstream neoliberal press never paid it much attention. “Antifa” groups have long mocked neoliberals for being soft on so-called “Nazis.” They will make jokes about neoliberals crying and disavowing when a so-called Nazi or fascist is assaulted. This has some parallels with how we on the dissident right treat cuckservatives. 

The important difference being, of course, that liberals are not nearly as hostile to these antifascist thugs as the thugs themselves seem to believe they are. In fact, they will very often use antifa groups as shock troops in order to strike fear into normies, and whites in particular, who might be thinking of speaking out, and to shut down expressions of speech which they find threatening. The claim that antifa is the paramilitary wing of the Democratic Party has some truth to it, although doubtless they don’t see themselves in this way. Can you imagine for a moment if cuckservatives or the GOP were using the alt right and white nationalists as violent shock troops in order to shut down leftist political speech? It would certainly legitmize the notion held amongst the more fringe elements that the alt right is controlled opposition, and I think most ethnically conscious whites wouldn’t touch the movement with a ten foot poll.

But putting aside that rather long digression, the media, during the month of January, began putting out numerous articles debating “Nazi punching.” This was obviously coordinated, and laid out a few priors that were meant to be adopted and reinforced amongst the general populace. First, by casting Spencer and his ilk as “Nazis”, they created an implicit association between national socialism and the alt right. This is an extremely powerful weapon to use, as “anti-Semite” is the very worst of all the “ists” they can throw out. Indeed, after January, the word “Nazi” entered the vernacular at levels that have never been seen before. Sure it had been used against ethnically conscious whites in the past, but in the current year, it is applied to anyone even appearing vaguely right wing. This served another purpose, that of legitimising antifa violence. As long as the person the thugs are macing or beating half to death is vaguely right-wing, they are a “Nazi” and deserving of everything coming to them. This narrative has continued throughout the year, despite antifa violence only increasing. It seemed to reach it’s peak in the wake of the doomed alt right Charlottesville rally. Antifa was totally absolved from blame for their part in the disastrous events. The excuse given was that a half-Jewish alt righter supposedly snapping and running down some communists, killing one (an event which, by the by, had “psyop” written all over it) outways any destructive behaviour on antifa’s part. 

But in just the past few days, I’ve noticed a shift in this attitude. The neoliberal media, which had previously gone to great lengths to whitewash antifa, is now coming out with article after article condemning the movement. This change has taken place over a mere few days, and I expect public opinion to change along with it soon enough. The silent coordination of this is almost creepy, and I’m left wondering as to what, exactly the agenda behind this is. It’s possible that the neoliberals simply see Antifa as too much baggage and are jettisoning them to save face. But if so, why now? Why not after they rioted at Berkeley the first time? Why not after their part in the Charlottesville debacle? It seems as if there may be another agenda at play here, something more secret. But as I’m not clairvoyant, I don’t have much of an idea as to what that could be. But people in the know should definitely keep their eyes out in the next few weeks. This could be preperarion for something big. Whatever narrative is pushed next might be their attempt to deal a killing blow to their enemies on the right, and we have to be ready if that eventuates. Ultimately, only time will tell. 

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