Debunking the Myth of Generation Z’s Conservatism

In my previous blog post I explained that, even if Generation Z were more conservative, there’s no guarantee that this would last. Now, in this blog post I aim to go over this more extensively and debunk the “conservative Generation Z” myth once and for all.

Now, the majority of people I see repeating this myth cite this study from the Hispanic heritage foundation to prove their point.

There are numerous issues with this study to say the least. The first is that it runs contrary to most available data. A study by the centre for generational kinetics found that only 54% of Gen Zers view illegal immigration as a problem. This is *less* than all other generations, including millennials. The study also showed that only 33% thought minorities had equal opportunity for success in work or business, a *decrease* from previous generations.
Another study found that Trump’s disapproval rating was 60% among young people, including Generation Z. This is a considerably greater disapproval rating than that of older generations. Trump’s executive order on immigration found only a 30% approval rating among those 13-25, and his border wall only had an approval rate of 23%.
Another problem with this study is that those citing it aren’t even representing it’s data properly. The study found that the majority (44%) did not support *any* mainstream presidential candidate

This fits in well with the Bernie support amongst Millennials, and suggests that a similar pattern may exist amongst Generation Z.

So in conclusion, the claim that Generation Z is “more conservative” is based on a single study that doesn’t even support this claim, and runs contrary to considerable data showing the opposite. I really wish the dissident right would stop throwing this meme around. It does nothing but promote complacency and needs to die fast. 

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