Roaming Millennial Destroys the Alt Right 

Wow, how can we ever recover from this? This woman plays the part of an early 2010s era goldbug for money, so she’s obviously an expert when it comes to science. It’s not like mixed race couples have, say, a higher risk of interpersonal violence or anything


Well, it’s not like mixed race couples have a higher risk of divorce or anything. Oh wait, they do

Graphic shamlessly stolen from the alternative hypothesis

But her second point must be true. Because after all, race being the exact same thing as culture is exactly what the alt right believes and not at all a strawman. It’s not like race influences culture, and traits related to culture vary between populations or anything. That’s too nuanced, and the alt right are evil Nazis, they can’t be nuanced.

As for her third point, this is totally something the alt right believes and not just a faulty perception she holds because she doesn’t actually know what they believe. Nah, that can’t be true, the woman is an expert in selling gold after all.

As for her final point, she really has the alt right there. It’s not like diversity damages social cohesion or anything. No, the alt right must just want an ethno-state because they’re evil racists. 

Well, in conclusion, Roaming has totally rekt the alt right. They might as well go back to being cucks, there’s no way to recover from this one. Or maybe she’s just a narcissistic YouTube vlogger who likes to comment on stuff she has no idea about? Nah, that can’t possibly be it.

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