Of Normies and Leftists 

It is immensely heartening to see the resurgence of the right – the real right, not the hollow shell that has run on autopilot since the 1960s, making adjustments to capitulate to the left’s ever more insane demands. But we should be under no illusion that we are anything approaching a majority. The cuckservatives still dominate the right, and despite the recent success of the establishment right in the US political sphere, the left still has a monopoly on culture. 
If you spend a lot of time on right-wing twitter, it may seem as if we have more influence on culture than we actually do. But the Overton window in the west remains small and very far to the left, and the election of a relatively moderate right-wing president doesn’t change that. If you have conversation with your average, apolitical normie, you will quickly realise that, although they are fairly uninterested in politics, they still hold views that are fundamentally a product of a leftward cultural shift. However, there are ways to psychologically manipulate them into absorbing your memes.

They may be anti-feminist, or at least non-feminist, as most people are, but they will probably say something like “I’m all for equality, but feminazis are crazy” or “feminism started off good, but it’s been corrupted.” You can use this as an exploitable gap, in which to insert your memes. For example, point out to them how unhappy childless and promiscuous women seem to be. You don’t necessarily need statistics for this, just show them your average cat-lady or bar-hopping thot and they will most likely instinctually see the problems with these lifestyles. Despite societal conditioning against natural responses such as “slut shaming”, most people, even sluts themselves, realise that deep down these biological reactions are justified. 

Returning to your typical normie, they will probably also be an egalitarian when it comes to race. This may provide an opening for “redpilling” on this issue, as you can raise the question of “if the genders differ, why wouldn’t the races do so as well?” You can also simply tap into their natural in-group preference. In-group preference is well suppressed by the propaganda memeplex we are surrounded by, but you can try to reactivate it by using various psychological tricks. This will be easier if they live in a diverse area.

Another thing they will probably be is pro “gay rights.” You can probably use the usual arguments about the abnormality of homosexual behaviours with them, or simply appeal to their disgust reaction. Most normal people have an instinctive disgust response to homosexual acts, suppressed as it may be by our well propagandised environment. 

As for the thorny issue of the JQ, that will come later. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Once they see all of the other problems, be they with homosexuality, mass non-white immigration or promiscuity, they will most likely see the disproportionate number of members of a certain ethnic group involved in the promotion of these things, and it will all fall into place. 

Now we come to leftists. Considering that us on the real right are required to remain underground for our own safety, this instills paranoia in the leftist that any random normie could secretly be a frog-poster. Considering that your average politically active leftist doesn’t face many social consequences for their beliefs and actions, and are mostly out in the open, we have an advantage in this regard that they probably don’t even realise. It is imperative that we use this to our advantage.

So where am I going with this? Well, my unscientific estimate is that politically active leftists make up about 10-15% of the population of a given western country. This may not seem like much, but we on the real right most likely only make up 2-3% of the population at most, and that’s just in the US, where we have been growing stronger off the back of the Trump movement. These are just the estimates, but whatever way you slice it, we lose the numbers game.

This is very important. If it wasn’t already apparent, politically active leftists are your enemy. They are your family’s enemy. They are the enemy of everything you love and treasure. You must never forget this. These people would have you killed if they could. You cannot risk associating with them in any way, be it being friends with them, doing business with them, etc. 

I mentioned various ways of redpilling normies in the beginning of this post. Do, not, and I repeat, do not, attempt these on politically involved leftists. Showing your power level around these people could screw your life up forever. To that end, it is vitally important to distinguish politically active leftists with normies who are simply left wing as a result of swimming in the leftist cultural and memetic soup. There are several ways of doing this. Some are more obvious – check their social media for signs of affiliation with antifa groups and other leftist organisations. If their Facebook and instragram accounts are filled with nothing but selfies and cat pictures, you can be pretty sure you’re dealing with a normie. 

However, this does not tell you for certain. There are some red-flags to watch out for when conversing with someone. Gauge their hostility to whatever ideas you float or psychological tricks you try. If they react open-mindedly, they’re definitely a normie, and a fairly open minded one at that. If they react with mild hostility to certain concepts, proceed with caution. It’s possible you may have just approached things to fast. Remember not to introduce concepts like the JQ early in the conversation. 

If they react with extreme hostility, and ESPECIALLY if they start using academic buzzwords such as “orientalism” “neo-colonialism” or even “white supremacy”, ABORT IMMEDIATELY. They are either a politically active leftist, or on their way to becoming one. Redirect the conversation to something innocuous, but remember that you are now talking to an enemy combatant. If said individual is a friend, I’d highly suggest cutting off contact. You can do this gradually so as not to attract suspicion. Cutting off friends is always sad, but the kind of individual I’m describing would bash your head in with a rock if he got the opportunity opportunity to and was aware of your true power level. 
I hope this guide will help people when parsing through the sea of normies. In practice, you probably won’t be surprised as in the worst case scenario I described above. Sharks can hide easily in a large shoal of fish, but we’re more invested in hiding than they are. Remember that.

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