The Big Lie 

The nature of our society is one of lies nested in lies. My title was largely used to be catchy, but in all honesty, it’s hard to tell which lie is the biggest. Those who fancy themselves “skeptics” or “rationalists” as well as manosphere types will often say feminism or social justice or some other triviality is society’s “biggest lie.” This is laughable, of course. Anti-feminism is well within the Overton window of acceptable discourse, and indeed most people, including women, do not subscribe to feminist ideology. 
When you get into the nitty gritty of things you may however, find yourself outside the window. This is something most of those who fancy themselves anti-feminist don’t do, as they’re still stuck on level one deceptions. Where the gender discourse gets a little tricky is when you begin talking about things such hypergamy, or how promiscuity negatively impacts women more so than men, or how men and women may not be “different, but equal” (a silly concept on it’s own) after all. These facts will start to get you into more un-PC territory, as they question one of the central lies of the modern age, that being the myth of “equality.” 
The idea of equality is laughable on it’s face, and the fact that it is widely held up as an unassailable truth society-wide in the west is proof enough of how much we have been conditioned. In truth of course, equality doesn’t exist in either a moral or a practical sense. Morally and ethically speaking, even the most cuckolded third worldist is not going to put a random street-shitter from the slums of Mumbai above his own family. They may say different, but this is a basic genetic reality. Speaking in practical terms, it is obvious that people are not equal in terms of ability. An 80 IQ garbage collector is not going to have the same value to society as a 145 IQ biochemist. You may protest but this is simple fact (and if you don’t think IQ matters, just imagine that you had to choose between having a 75 IQ child and a 125 IQ child). The egalitarian may counter with appeals to subjective value, but this is ultimately unmeasurable woo woo (not unlike the concepts of white and male privilege).
 What is even more sacreligious in the modern west than questioning “equality” in regards to gender is doing the same in regards to race. The lie of racial equality is one of the sacred cows of our time, and questioning it can get you arrested or even killed. But it is one of the most obvious myths the lying liars could possibly come up with. Simply looking at appearance, it is obvious that the races differ massively. The egalitarians may consider these superficial differences, but if you truly believe in evolution, as the egalitarians profess to, you can’t avoid the notion that other aspects of race evolved differently too. And this isn’t hypothetical- racial differences are known and demonstrable. Differences have been demonstrated in so many areas, from intelligence, to athletic performance, to time preferenceto taste in food, that you need to be either a fool or wilfully blind to dismiss them all, and egalitarians are certainly both.
 We even have some ideas as to how these differences developed. For example, there is evidence that Europeans and East Asians have been literally pacified, indeed domesticated, in order to serve more easily as serfs. This domestication process obviously never took place for populations such as sub-Saharan Africans, Australian aborigines, the Inuit, and Pacific Islanders, as they all retain their primal, violent natures and have not yet been able to produce any civilisations of note. We also know that certain genes were acquired by different populations via interbreeding with archaic hominids, a process known as introgression. Of course, not all human groups acquired the same genes or interbred with the same hominids, dispelling once again notions of genetic equality. 
There are many threads to this racial narrative, including the out of Africa hypothesis for the origin of modern humans, promoted with glee by Marxist atheists such as Richard Dawkins. But there are many inconvenient facts which OoA theorists never seem to mention. For example, the fact that remains of Homo sapiens found in China have been dated as 140 000 years old, a date long before Homo sapiens is even supposed to have existed, let alone made their exodus from Africa.

 These are merely the lies about the nature of humans and the way we interact. I haven’t even discussed the lies about our recent history, which if anything are even more egregious. Much of what we think we know about colonialism, slavery, the American civil rights movement, World War Two, and other aspects of our past, is nothing but frabrication. I will probably discuss these lies in a future post. 

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